Our Story

From the farm gate, we produce products from fibres that have a minimal impact on our environment and are kind to livestock. Also we do not use the carbonization process nor do we superwash our wool therefore eliminating chemicals from being used.

Te Kooti Pastoral Co Pty Ltd owns its own processing machinery which operates from the property at Bookham.  It also owns a commercial fibre processing mill in Bendigo VIC called the Goldfields Mohair FarmGoldfields Mohair Farm also processes fibre on a commission basis for a range of customers. Currently they can process wool and alpaca with mohair coming online soon.

The Armour family also owns and operates The Abbey Footwear retail stores in Tumut, Yass and Narooma where you are welcome to visit to touch and feel our products before buying.

Click here to visit the Goldfields Mohair Farm website.
Click here to visit The Abbey Footwear website.

Te Kooti is operated by the Armour and extended family and pride themselves on the products they produce. Some of these products are:

Superfine raw white and natural black fleece.
Scoured fibre.
Consignment processing of fibre.
Natural scouring process, with recycled waste – coming soon.
Carding and de-seeding.
Woolen processing to yarn.
Tops and sliver of natural colours and blends.
Yarn of various sizes and weights.
Fabric – coming soon.
De-haired Alpaca filled quilts (doona’s) in all sizes.
Spinning and dying classes. – coming soon.
Alpaca and wool bats for quits and pet beds etc.
Te Kooti has partnered with Linn Armour and his wife Orida Armour Lushmoor at The Abbey Footwear as the retail outlet for the Te Kooti product range. Te Kooti also holds the Ashford agency which is retailed at The Abbey Footwear so that we can provide spinning wheels, carders and looms for our customers.

As new products come on line they will be available in the online store section of this website for purchase. If you are a wholesale / bulk customer please contact us for a wholesale price list.